My progress has been more on the struggling side of things.  A couple weeks ago I was babysitting my two  half siblings aged four and six years old.  The only exercise of that week consisted of chasing the kids around the house and engaging in the occasional game of tag.  During the week of  BEST BIRTH CONTROL EVER, my little brother had a terrible cough.  Too afraid to sleep alone, my brother slept next to me that week and repeatedly hacked/sneezed in my face.  Good thing he’s cute!

Needless to say, I came down with a wicked flu for several days.  I couldn’t run.  Circumstances had taken me out of the race for a whole two weeks.  All the stamina I had built up crumbled  as I slept for days.  Feeling a bit better,  I find myself struggling to keep up.  Everything hurts! WAH! Is is weird that my calves hurt?…not my shins, but my calves!

This running thing is a lot harder for me than I would care to admit.  You see- I fancy myself a bad ass who can conquer anything.  Tho, I am learning that the goal of this race for me isn’t so much about running.  I hate running.  I’ve always hated running. To me this race is about finishing. It’s about focusing my energy to accomplishing something I never thought I would.  So I’ve decided to stop worrying about  my pace and how much better my friends are at running.  I’m the tortoise.  I accept that I am “slow and steady”.  My motto is:

I actually run to this song.

Appropriate for the holiday half! I find this cartoon to be inspirational 😉

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