The Odd Couple

We had an adventure last night. The Halloween costume expedition… Destination: Red Light . Red light is one of the coolest second-hand clothing shops in Portland! For those Boston-ians, think the Garment District on steroids! The possibilities were endless!

Arriving at the store, we both had our sights preset on 80’s rocker chick costumes.  Jess was going to be Joan Jett and I- Madonna.  The clothing we found was so cool that we found ourselves re-inspired.  We both ended up straying from our previous ideas and dove into opposite directions.

Jess will be the sweet, magnifying-glass holding, crime fighter, Nancy Drew.  I, on the other hand, will be the very dirty and glitter fanatic Ke$ha.  Very excited about our hot new ensembles, we did the Spartacus “Burn Fat Faster Than Ever” workout this morning.

It consisted of two rotations of : Goblet squats, Single-arm dumbbell swings, Split jumps, Dumbbell side lunge and touch, Dumbbell lunge and rotation, Mountain climbers, T-pushups, Dumbbell rows, Pushup-position rows, and Dumbbell push presses for one minute each.  We did some core exercises before stretching.  For myself, I’m planning to run a couple miles later today before we go out DANCING tonight! It is Halloween weekend after all….

During the circuit training, I wanted to curl up and die!  Thank God for endorphins that make it all worth while. “No Pain; No Gain,” right?  I have a fairly legitimate feeling that I wont be able to walk tomorrow.  Sitting and standing will be difficult after so many squats and lunges.  My poor butt.

For more information on the Spartacus Workouts read: Womens Health: Spartacus Workouts for Women

Tomorrow is the long run day for both of us.  Jess is planning on seven miles tomorrow, while I’m looking to do six.  Just another day of training fun:)

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