Portland Waterfront Park

I’m a slacker. I slackline. I walk across a narrow rope and try to pretend that I’m 200 feet in the air and have incredible balance. I’m also an incredible procrastinator who has not written in 5 (five!) months. For this, dear readers, I apologize.

Life. Life is my grand excuse. I finished up my associate’s degree, got accepted into a fantastic dental hygiene program (that begins in August), dealt with a whirlwind of family crises, rearranged a living situation, ran another half marathon, injured myself a couple more times…And now, now I have this strange thing called free time and I’m really not quite sure what to do with myself. So here I am, finally writing.

Something clicked yesterday. Not an epiphany. Not a light bulb. It was more like a cog, finally falling into place. There is absolutely no reason why I cannot do a marathon. Absolutely none. I’m young, I’m healthy, I’m relatively injury-free, and god damn it, I can run a marathon. There is not a single person that can stop me. My only hindrance has been my mind, my own self-doubt.

So I did it. I signed up. I committed. I’m running the Hagg Lake Hybrid Marathon ( on September 14th. That is 107 days from today, and I could not be more ecstatic. Perhaps I won’t feel that way all through training, but I’ll just need to refer back to this:


Seeing this quote made me realize that now is the perfect time. To run. To breathe. To train. To set a goal. To do something I love. To accomplish something new.

This is a short post, but my running shoes are calling my name. March’s Hop Hop Half Marathon photos will be up in a jiffy. Promise. It’s about time I inundate everyone with my running obsession (minimalist shoes, core strengthening, Born To Run, running without music, mindful breathing…we have so much to catch up on!)

“Now bid me run, and I will strive with things impossible.” – William Shakespeare in Julius Ceasar