Food To Eat (cupcakes for running)

Food. Dessert. Cupcakes. Yum.

Not quite the runner’s regular sustenance though.

But we, as runners, need some kind of diet to help keep ourselves going.

Diet is a terrible, terrible word. A four-letter one at that. We shall not use it. Ever.

What do we eat? Delicious, nutritious food. Fresh food. Amazing food.
Cupcakes are only for race day. Positive reinforcement, right?

I eat a lot. I workout a lot. I run to eat. I cross-train to eat.

Three years ago, I embarked upon both the Paleo and the Anti-inflammatory Diet. It was more per doctor recommendation than anything, but it certainly taught me a lot. Like, how much food affects how I feel! No dairy, no refined sugar, no processed foods, no grains. 8 hardcore weeks later, I feasted upon a giant piece of cake for my birthday.

I’m now in what could be called the ‘maintenance’ phase. I think of it more as a, ‘put vegetables in every meal’ way of eating. It’s no longer a diet, but a lifestyle. I don’t eat gluten, as I learned that it makes me lose the contents of my stomach quickly and swell up like a balloon. Most other grains are absent from my diet. I eat lots of veggies, lots of fruit and protein with every meal. Yes, happy carnivore.

Breakfasts are smoothies right now. I’m obsessed. Vegan protein powder, spinach or kale and some kind of fruit. Yum.

Lunches and dinner consist of a protein and a vegetable. Lots of garlic is used. As are spices.

Snacks are the keeper of my sanity. Raw nuts, fruit, and the occasional Lara bar. Love me some Lara! Oh, and I’m obsessed with almond butter. I eat it out of the jar with a spoon. All by itself.

I could ramble about food for days. I’ve really been intrigued by nutrition of late…

Sidenote: Does gum count as a food? Because I buy a Costco pack about once every 3 weeks.

Basically, it’s like this. Food is fuel.


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