And On To The Next One

Happy 2013 all!

Instead of donning 5-inch stilettos and a little black dress for the holiday, Lexi and I ran into the New Year. We put on spandex, running shoes, and many layers to bust out a 5k at the stroke of midnight.


It was -1 C and freezing. We didn’t have cupcakes at the finish line for this race (we’re not in-training yet!), so we pretended.


For all intents and purposes, this was a fun run. We didn’t care about time or pace. Besides, I’d just consumed a rather large bowl of pho prior to beginning the race. real smart.

But it is never a pleasant sight when your run is rudely interrupted by a train. Yes, a train.


I am fairly certain we stood there for 3 or 4 minutes. So much for a new PR.
That aside, the run was completed with smiles and frozen fingers. Oh, and despite the lack of cuppycakes, there was beer and many other goodies to feast upon. And heat lamps. God bless heat lamps.

After the half marathon, I had every intention of slowing down. You know, resting that blasted hip of mine…I think I took a week off, maybe even 8 days. But really, how can one resist trail runs on the Oregon coast?


Case in point. You don’t see that on a treadmill.
Or this:


Knee-deep puddles, mud, rain and wind.

Love. I’m in love with trail running. I’m in love with the feeling of every foot beat on the ground. I’m in love with finding new running partners and inspiring others to dig out their running shoes, reach into their soul for that inner badass that is dying to run a half-marathon. I’m in love with setting goals and reaching them.

Which brings me to my next point. It is a new year. And, I’m not in to New Year’s resolutions. Because, honestly, I cannot ever stick to them. But. I’ve made it a goal to run another half-marathon. As has Lexi. And a couple of our aforementioned awesome friends will be training with us, if we can keep them motivated. Cupcakes, guys, come on!


The Inaugural Hop Hop Half is March 24th. That is exactly 11 weeks from now. The perfect amount of time for a training program.

We will be sporting bunny ears and a bunny tail. And giant smiles. With cupcakes at the finish. Of course.

I hope to be a bit more diligent about keeping all ya’ll informed as to my training and such this time around. School tends to get in the way of my best intentions, it seems.

20130106-234608.jpgThis week, I managed 3 short runs. Around a 5k for each, at an easy pace. No treadmill running for this girl!

My cross training this week? Cross country skiing! This photo is the Swampy Shelter on Mt. Bachelor’s 8 mile Swampy Loop trail. This hut was a welcome sight halfway through our trek. I was in Bend visiting a few friends. One of which is an avid skier and led us on quite the trail.

Yes, everyone. Cross country skiing can be difficult. Especially when you fall 8,264 times in one day. And are afraid of going downhill and ending up in a pretzeled mess at the bottom. Like me.

That being said, after the skiing adventure, we rewarded ourselves with…CUPCAKES! Is it acceptable that I skied for cupcakes this week instead of run?


11 weeks to go. A sore hip and a burning desire. Cake. Cupcakes, that is. I’ve been reading this book, Born To Run. It is hopeless. Running is an addiction, and this book is a fuel to my fire. It is un-put-down-able. I have fallen asleep the last two nights while reading it into the wee hours of the morning. More on that next time though. I’d like to write about it once I’ve finished it. All I have to say is, maybe an ultra-marathon isn’t totally out of my reach…

One more thing before I go. An explanation of my last blog post title, “Pants Dance.” Up until the half-marathon, I hated running in pants. They were uncomfortable, they got in the way, they rubbed my thighs weird. I still dislike running in pants. But I’ve realized that they serve a purpose. That purpose is to keep you warm when it’s cold. And wet. So, I decided to embrace them for the half. I chose a lovely shade of red, don’t you think? At the start line, as I was fumbling with my phone to set up Nike+ and Spotify, I was doing a bit of a dance…The pants dance. It may become a start line ritual. Who knows.

And one last photo. This is Detroit Lake (The same place Lexi and I did our mud run in October) today on my way home from Bend. Just a little bragging. I am so damn thankful to call Oregon my home. The PNW is amazing.